Software License Renewal Agreement

Be proactive – don`t wait until the last minute to plan your renewal, because it will increase stress levels, and you may not have enough time to really dig out the features. With enough time and know-how, you can go through all the steps above to maximize the value of your license agreement. If the duration of a software license or associated service is time-limited, the software license agreement may provide for the renewal or renewal of the validity period. An extension or extension may be automatic (unless a party decides) after the single election of a party or requires the agreement of both parties. Automatic or optional extensions or extensions are generally subject to restrictions or preconditions, such as. B notification of renewal in a timely manner and prompt payment of fees that a party may charge to avoid an unwanted extension. An extension requiring the agreement of the seller and the customer offers flexibility, but no security. Paid Licenses: If we improve the main part of this agreement (excluding the Atlassian guidelines), the changes will be effective at the next renewal of your license and will automatically apply from the renewal date, unless you decide to extend under Section 7.1 (Licence Duration and Renewal). In some cases – for example. B to comply with the law or when necessary for new features – we may decide that such changes take effect during your current validity of your license. If the effective date of these changes is during your current licence period and you are against the changes, you can (as an exclusive remedy) cancel your affected orders after notification and we will refund all fees you paid in advance for the use of the software concerned for the part of the validity of the current license. To exercise this right, you must inform us of your objection and termination within 30 days of notification of the changes. In order to avoid any doubt, any order is subject to the version of this contract in force at the time of the market.

7.4. Increased use. During the duration of your license, you can increase your domain of use (for example.B. adding authorized users, licenses, copies or instances) by placing a new order or, if Atlassian provides it, directly via the corresponding software. Any increase in their level of use is subject to additional charges as stipulated in the corresponding order. The fees collected for a software license and related services reflect without exception the validity of the software license and related services, as well as the customer`s ability to extend or extend the life. The fee to be paid for automatic or optional extensions of terms or renewals of licenses is usually set in advance or based on a formula (. B for example, an increase in the cost of living over the initial period or a discount of the standard fee of the seller at the time).