Ups Holding Pending Instructions And Agreement

This morning, I am following the package, and they say, “UPS keeps the cargo in a secure system until the instructions and agreement stand.” I called NewEgg and they said they had filed an application to deliver my shipment. I received an email from them with a copy of the claim and it says “Claim Reason: Lost Package” Previous posting messages: All the articles From the last day Last 7 monthsIn the last monthIn the last 3 months last year (screenshot of the continuation of the hour) I ordered a PC case of and apparently its from the United States. Which is good. They charged me an additional $50 plus $168.00 for shipping and handling. I confirmed with the representative of NewEgg that tariffs and tariffs are included in those $50 dollars. Currently, 1 user displays this thread. (0 members and 1 guest) Did everyone else experience similar things at a distance? The package is scheduled for August 24. It happened to me. I have a laptop coming up.

Detained in Ontario for almost 2 days for the same reason, he was released last night. Where it is called “lagerscan” when he was kept in a camp. I think shipping centers in China are staring at the paperwork or the fees are not being paid properly. Due to the increase in demand, I am sure they are overloaded. UPS just told me that a flight was late and that it had to be stopped, but I`m not so sure that was it. It is currently en route to my local centre and is scheduled for Monday. I called UPS and they said that as no tariff was paid on the shipment, they wait to listen to customs at the border and get a breakdown of the amount I have to pay.