About us

To book a wedding agency is the best thing, you are able to do,
ensure your calmness and the security of your wedding day.
Our team is completely family, ensure quality and we undertake a responsibility to you.
In our first meeting we put on our relations.
That meeting allows us to understand more about yourself, your dreams and your expectations.
We will work untiring to exceed your expectations for planning an unforgettable
Wedding experience for you and your guests will talk.

Jasmina Stoyanova
wedding agent
+359 (0) 878 19 75 14

From September 2011 after successful course of a professional wedding agent, I’m wedding agent.
I have a certificate for decoupage, helps me in the preparation of wedding accessory and christening.
My Secondary education is fashion and clothing. I worked more then 10 years.
This experiment helps me in the moment, to cut and to sew on a machine the clothes, veils and cases, I work.

Yasen Stoyanov
organizer consultant
+359 (0) 878 89 75 06

I love to create and gradually cultivate sets that are needed for a wedding.
I can deal with many challenges associated will this profession,
because I learned to be responsible.

Dragomila Stoyanova

Our future !!!

Wedding agent